Water Bag Workouts for Athletes, Teams and Home

Looking for inspiration and water bag workout suggestions with your water filled weights ? Check out our workout ideas to take unstable resistance training to the next level. Whether you’re coaching a sports team, a professional athlete or just enjoy keeping in shape, the addition of water weights to your workout regime will add a whole new dimension!

water weights team training
Athletes are put through their paces at Farm Tough Hockey

Functional training has become the buzz word of the past decade and its’ hard to argue against its effectiveness. Functional fitness focuses on performing essential, whole body movements of pulling, pushing, lifting and plyometrics. It places emphasis on dynamic, ever changing workouts that challenge stability and balance. The value of functional training can be felt from the average Joe who wants to optimize their strength and fitness, to elite athletes performing at a professional level.

Team Training with Water Filled Weight Bags

Sporting clubs from all codes are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of injury prevention. Not only does balance and stability training reduce the incidence of injury among competitors, it also improves overall performance.

Peter Dale from Farm Tough Hockey in Wisconsin incorporates the use of the Tidal Tank in to his physical training sessions. His program aims to help both kids and adults develop the right attitude and preparation (both mentally and physically) to life on and off the rink. Farm Tough training sessions use the Tidal Tank to improve balance and strength in the stabilizing muscles. Check out one of Peter’s training sessions below: