Training with the Tidal Tank: Reviews and Buyers Guide.

The Tidal Tank provides instability training in a fun workout that will challenge your entire body. Its’ founder first became interested in water weights after having massive improvements in a seriously debilitating shoulder impingement at a Dutch rehabilitation clinic. He then went on to create a portable, durable piece of equipment that can not only be used for rehabilitation purposes, but for physical strength and stability training in general.

Described as a “live weight”, the Tidal Tank works by requiring you to stabilise and adjust to the constant shifting of weight as the water sloshes around inside the unit.

How heavy is the Tidal Tank?

Tidal Tank is available in a range of sizes, from the smaller kettlebell and hand weight models to the original version, with a maximum capacity of around 45lbs water or 20kgs. Of course you can adjust the amount of water inside according to your ability and goals. More water means the unit is heavier, yet less weight means more room for the water to move inside and therefore makes for a more unstable weight.

I’ve seen several people scoff at the idea of getting a solid workout with the Tidal Tank, but I assure you, it feels ALOT heavier because even the simplest of movements will test you. Most people find they never fill it with more than 20lbs water!

A distinctive feature of the Tidal Tank is that it was designed with a transparent casing. This means it’s easy to see the water level and weight indicator, but can also give you a visual cue if you’re doing slow moving exercises using a mirror.

How big is the Tidal Tank?

It’s portability is a big bonus. When deflated, it weighs in at only 3lb, so it’s great to take on holidays. All you need is the included special pin, the air pump and running water.

Once pumped up, it’s up to your personal preference to decide which size unit meets your needs best. It’s compact enought to throw in the car and take to the gym or roll under the bed, but robust enough to give you a killer workout.

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