How I fell in love with water filled weight bags…

Welcome to Water Weights World!

My name is Zara and this is my story…
Several years ago, I suffered a back injury, which turned out to be a blessing. The injury taught me a level of appreciation for core strength and made me aware of the importance of whole body movements and core stability in order to improve overall performance during exercise, work and life in general! I made a full recovery from my injury and began to incorporate core, balance and stability training in to my weekly exercise routine using body weight exercises, BOSU and swiss balls.

Then I stumbled upon water filled weights and fell in love with them. These pieces of equipment don’t need to be particularly heavy, but give you a banging workout because the sloshing movement of the liquid inside requires you to constantly stabilize and adjust your balance in order to perform the exercises.

This website is dedicated to all kinds of training that improves your balance, stability and mobility. This kind of training so often gets overlooked, but once you get to your thirties and beyond, that lack of attention you gave to it starts to show in the form of hip, knee, shoulder and foot pain. I tried basic core strength exercises and even Pilates for a while, but the truth was, I didn’t really enjoy it. Water filled training aids unstable resistance training made this sort of exercise fun again!

I hope you find some of this content useful – if you are a fan of using water filled weights or if you have a great piece of balance training equipment to share, please get in touch with me.