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Water Filled Weights for Functional Training

Find the best water filled weights right here. Product information, reviews and the answers to your questions. See the range from Cormax Fitness, Surge Performance, Tidal Tank and more. Water filled weight bags for increased performance, balance, strength and rehabilitation.

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water weights stability training

Water Bag Workouts for Athletes, Teams and Home

Looking for inspiration and water bag workout suggestions with your water filled weights ? Check out our workout ideas to take unstable resistance training to the next level. Whether you’re coaching a sports team, a professional athlete or just enjoy

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best balance training equipment

Additional Balance and Stability Training Equipment

Looking for more stability training equipment to add to your arsenal? Check out the best balance trainers right here, including BOSU, wobble boards, Swiss balls, foam rollers and slide boards. Options to suit all space requirements and budgets. Balance aids

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Find a massive range of water filled weight bags, slosh pipes and balance training aids all in one place.

Whether you're an individual, a sports coach or a health practitioner, find the water filled equipment for your needs.


A Revolutionary Way to Train!

Water filled training equipment are an exceptional tool for balance and stability training, developing coreĀ  and rehabilitation work.

The word is out…Water bags, slosh pipes, water weights, aqua bags – whatever you want to call them!

Check out a range of water filled fitness equipment right here and decide what meets your needs.

We’ve sourced feedback from sports coaches, athletes, professional health experts and happy customers all over the world to give you detailed reviews of products from multiple businesses including Tidal Tank, Terr-Core, Sanddune, Cormax Fitness and Surge Performance.

Unstable Resistance Training (URT) is a form of functional fitness training that is designed to improve coordination, muscle stabilization, core and limb muscle activation, power and balance performance and neural strength (the brains’ ability to fire the correct muscles to perform an action).

There is a myriad of products on the market that are fantastic training aids for balance training and URT, including BOSU, Swiss Balls, foam rollers and wobble boards. An extremely effective type of functional fitness equipment that is gaining popularity are water filled sandbags, kettle bells or tubes. The constant motion of the liquid moving within these vessels, creates the user to continuously adapt and adjust in order to stabilize and carry out the required movements.

Water bags are becoming increasingly recognized by athletes, performance coaches and rehabilitation providers as a valuable tool for improving strength, mobility and balance.

Check out the most popular water filled exercise equipment available and take your functional training to the next level!