Water Filled Weights for Functional Training

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Water filled weight bags are growing in popularity as a valuable tool to add to your arsenal when it comes to functional training. The movement of the water inside the equipment required the user to constantly adapt and adjust to the shifting weight, resulting in improved core, balance and strength capabilities.

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Alex Rivera (fitness trainer) from @FitFamilyCore uses the Tidal Tank in injury prevention and recovery.

One of my favorite features of water filled sandbags and kettle bells is that they are so versatile. By filling the unit with more water, the weight obviously increases, providing a heavier load for the user to lift. By decreasing the load and having less water inside, things don’t necessarily get easier – it’s a different challenge altogether! With more room for the water to move around, the bag, although lighter, becomes more unstable as the sloshing liquid shifts and requires activation of your stabilizing muscles and core to control and execute the movements.

How can water weights improve functional fitness?

The activation of stabilizing muscles can greatly improve overall performance. Water filled kettle bells and sandbags are working their way in to the training regime for athletes of all kinds, from kids sporting teams to individual athletes.

Injury prevention is an often overlooked factor by keen athletes. It’s all too common to see impressively strong competitors who can move huge weights, yet lack mobility and ligament strength suddenly taken out by injuries that could’ve been prevented. Incorporating lighter weight, unstable strength work that focuses on mobility, eccentric movements and connective tissue stability is a crucial part of training if you plan to stay in the game for the long term.

So, what water filled weight bags should you buy?

Of course, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right water filled weight bag for your needs. I’ve done the ground work to give you an overview, but everyone has their own preference of course!

While most of the water filled weights out there are sandbag style bags with various handle grips, there are also water filled kettle bell style units and simple slosh pipes that can be made yourself.

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