An in depth look at Terra Core features and possibilities

terra core exercises

Terra Core is a super versatile piece of gym equipment that can be used to work every part of your body. At first glance, it appears to be the love child of a BOSU and a Tidal Tank, but thanks to some clever design, it is actually so much more.

The top of the Terra Core features a large air bubble, similar to that of a BOSU. It’s elongated shape means it’s great for standing on or even lying on in lieu of a bench. Don’t let the idea of it being filled with air deceive you – the Terra Core weighs 28lbs (around 12 kgs), so is still able to be used as a functional weight.

The underside of Terra Core is where the really clever design comes in. Handles on all 4 sides of the unit mean there are a range of grip options available and the Terra Core can be utilised to perform a massive range of upper body exercises. It also comes with a set of power bands to provide more movement options and increased resistance as desired. The underside of the Terra Core has been thoughtfully designed with ridges to keep your resistance bands from slipping during use.

How do you use Terra Core?

The more I looked at Terra Core, the more impressed I became with the diverse range of movements that could be done with it. There are free workout resources on the Terra Core website to get you started, but /I highly recommend getting their app, at least to begin with so you can have your eyes opened to all the exercise varieties that can be performed with this piece of equipment.

One point to note here is that you can adjust how much air you pump into the Terra Core. More air creates a firmer surface, so will make stability exercises easier. When it’s less inflated, there is more movement in the bubble, so you will have to work harder to stabilise yourself. I will summarise the main features of Terra Core here, but there seriously are hundreds of variations you could try.

terra core exercises
Image courtesy of official Terra Core website

Terra Core Exercises for Lower Body:

Take anything you currently do standing on your feet and stand on the Terra Core instead. You will instantly start testing the stabilizing muscles in your entire body, from your feet to your core. Something as simple as bodyweight squats are turbo charged on an unstable surface and you can dial up the difficulty by increasing the weights you are holding or the resistance bands you incorporate.

There is also the option to stand on the bubble side with the flat surface on the floor, which will require constant tiny adjustment in your stabilizers, or to work slightly differently on your balance by standing on the underside of the Terra Core with the bubble in contact with the ground.

Terra Core Exercises for Upper Body:

As someone who has had wrist injuries and prefers a neutral grip position when working out, the Terra Core didn’t disappoint. Use the Terra Core as your weight for bent over rows or overhead movements without involving any new balance requirements. My favorite twist on an old exercise is to use it for push ups. You can have it flat side down and place your hands on the bubble for an added challenge. If you prefer to use push up handles normally (like I do), simply flip it to use the handles underneath and challenge yourself with the wobble of the air bubble to contend with while you knock out a set of push ups!

Terra Core Exercises for Abs:

It’s no surprise by the name that Terra Core hits you in the abs pretty much any way you use it. The requirement to balance and stabilize your core constantly is what makes this piece of equipment so great. If you do want to smash your abs a little more, it’s easy to take things up a notch. Any exercise that would normally involve lying on a bench or being on the floor can be performed on the Terra Core to create an unstable surface.

Does Terra Core have a weight limit?

The balloon like air bubble of the Terra Core may give the impression that it’s easily damaged. However, it’s rated to withstand over 4,000lbs, although recommended weight is 1,000 lbs.

Is the Terra Core worth it?

You know from reading this website that I’m passionate about unstable surface training or using water filled weights for instability. If you aren’t currently using some sort of unstable resistance training equipment, this is an excellent investment because of the versatility in provides.

It is fairly solid in size and weight, so while it can easily slide under the bed out of sight between workouts, it’s probably not that practical of you want to chuck it in your luggage for a trip away, like some of my other favorite pieces of fitness gear.

The Terra Core is fairly pricey, but I’m confident you will get years and years out of it because of its robust design and construction.

You can check out everything at the Terra Core website:

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